Coleman atv 125cc at125
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Sep 12, 2011 · this upper started life as a new 16'' upper i got from bravo co. i sent it to ADCO and had it cut to 14.5'' and they pinned an AAC blackout F/H on it, 16.1'' OAL so it is legal. i also had them flute the barrel, but they could only do about 3'' between the FSB and blackout. it also has a DD omega 9'' rail with the covers, a BCM marked BCG, and ... BCM 20" Upper/PSA Lower A4 Rifle Build 100 YRD Accuracy Test. I review the pull weight of the PSA EPT vs BCM PNT vs Geissele SSA-E and also show close-ups of the break, reset, and triggers ...I have a BCM middy upper. I've run a standard buffer, a heavy buffer, and a Spike's ST-T2. If you decide to use the carbine RE assembly, the H buffer (3.75 oz actual weight on my scale) is really the...Don't listen to this guy, no BCM barrel is 2-3 MOA. If you can afford it I highly suggest any BCM upper. I have a 14.5" mid length BFH BCM upper and a 16" mid length stainless steel upper from BCM. Both perform stunningly well.