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As implemented that means static IPs, but even if you changed the system to do repeated DNS lookups the NTP pool couldn't use hostnames -- the DNS-based pooling currently in use does not include any mechanism to distribute hostnames, nor do most NTP clients provide any method to easily consume such data even if it were available. Update - As part of the upgrades yesterday the DNS record for www.pool.ntp.org temporarily (and mistakenly, obviously) routed around the Fastly CDN. For the "real" traffic to the pool system that's totally fine, but there's also a regular background load of HTTP requests from slightly broken/slow clients (mostly in China) that, I am guessing ... Jun 03, 2020 · 27 Apr 20:38:59 ntpdate[13893]: adjust time server 1.in.pool.ntp.org offset -0.004723 sec I hope the article was useful. Categories Linux Tags ntp , Red Hat 7 Post navigation