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Fastest Diamond Ore Find In "Minecraft" (PC) Shawn Oban. Shawn O. found diamond ore in Minecraft in 44.09 seconds. 01:28. Fastest Time To Get Five Diamonds In "Minecraft" Jan 02, 2017 · This is one of the BEST resource packs to find RESOURCES and SPAWNERS( finding spawners easily). DOWNLOAD and TRY it out. Don't forget to give Your precious feedbacks and suggestions for future improvements. Please like and tweet .Thanks for supporting my project !! o(∩_∩)o Due to 1.8 This plugin lets you have a pickaxe that can scan for nearby diamonds. You simply right click with it in your hand and if there are diamonds nearby you your character will face directly towards them. Commands: /diamondfinder: Gives you a Diamond Finder Permissions: - diamondfinder.give Default Config: