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Nov 07, 2020 · Rewards: Morytania legs 4 and some lamps worth 140k xp. Robin trades 39 bones for bonemeal and gives 39 free buckets of slime everyday. Benefits of Morytania Legs 4: 10% chance of crafting a second blood rune (only at the Blood altar) 50% more prayer xp when burning vyrewatch; 20% chance of making a 4-dose prayer renewal (only in Morytania) The Morytania Diary is a part of OSRS which sees players performing a series of tasks as part of an achievement diary. In order to finish all of the tasks, players will have to have a number of requirements ranging from skills, to quests and items.Tag: Morytania . by Runeum on August 10, 2019. Old School RuneScape (Episode 2) [Blind] – Goal: Agility Training. I couldn't think of a better title so I just went with this. So I never done Barrows in my life and I was wondering if it would be better to grind out the Hard Morytania diary before going into Barrows or just get some Barrows gear and worry about it later? My main issue is sitting on 60 out of 70 prayer so it will be quite the grind.