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Mar 12, 2019 - Were you one of those kids that collected Beanie Babies religiously? While some may have mocked you, you went ahead and collected and amassed an insane collection. Now the time has come for you to ... In 1998, Ty stopped using PVC pellets in favour of using PE pellets as these were considered to be more environmentally friendly. Beanies with PVC pellets tend to be more rare and often a little more valuable. This is especially true for Princess with PVC pellets. You can tell which pellets are in your Beanie Babies by looking at their tush tags! This special edition 1997 bear was dedicated to Princess Diana and raised money for The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund following her death. It’s so rare that it frequently ranks among the most expensive vintage Beanie Babies on eBay, with one listed for $600,000! 10. The Wallaces