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Criacr PS4 vertical stand cooling fan is an upgraded and powerful device compared to other PS4 cooler in the market. The PS4 Console Vertical Stand has combined 2 Cooling Fans, Controller Charging Docks and 2 Additional HUB Ports. Dankzij de Koelventilator voor de PS4 Pro raakt je gaming console nooit meer oververhit en blijft er een toevoer van verkoelende lucht binnenstromen. Zo minimaliseer je enige vorm van vermogensverlies. Eenvoudig aan te sluiten via de meegeleverde USB... LET OP : alleen voor PS4 Pro NIET voor PS4.I had the issues of the super loud fan and finally while playing Warframe it shut off due to overheating on 4/16/2020. I dust my PS4 Pro once a month so I I just took off the top cover and kept playing because everything was closed. Yesterday we took it apart and replaced the thermal paste and dusted the heatsink and cleaned everything else.