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Sep 02, 2000 · This should work similar to the InsertRowsAndFillFormulas macro at the top, except that you will have to use the Insert menu to insert rows and the formulas will not be filled in until something is entered in column A. One caveat, if anything is entered into a cell before entering into column A on the row this macro will not be filling in ... Then, use the Data→Data Tools→Remove Duplicates tool (Alt+A+M): Make sure that only the account number column is selected. This is the result: This works because the Remove Duplicates tool keeps the topmost row of each set of duplicates. Remove Duplicates Based on First Two Columns in Google Sheets. If you could understand how to remove duplicates based on one column, this two column duplicate removal would be easy for you. Formula: =sortn(A2:C6,5,2,A2:A6&B2:B6,FALSE) Formula Explanation: Here A2: C6 is the data range. Here also 5 is the number of rows to return and 2 is the ...