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SLLC = Super Long Life Coolant Pada sistem pendinginan mesin, coolant mengalir dalam suatu proses tertutup. Bermula dari radiator ke daerah blok mesin lalu kembali ke radiator. Adanya coolant berfungsi menyerap panas dari daerah mesin kemudian disalurkan ke radiator untuk di dinginkan. Material Dec 11, 2017 · Many manufacturers have jumped on the SUV bandwagon, but one car with a real legacy is the Suzuki Vitara. A mainstay of Suzuki’s range, this vehicle has been in production since 1988 across many different generations, with the latest release coming in 2015. If you want a good second hand SUV then make the Suzuki Vitara one of your first options. I think Prestone 50/50 is prediluted organic acid technology coolant, excellent technology - it probably carries the "Dexcool" specification and should be suitable for up to 5 years life. OAT coolants have no silicates or borates so do less damage to water pump seals.