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Nov 09, 2020 · Shadowlands Tank Tier List, updated for launch of 23 Nov 2020. I rank WoW Shadowlands tanks by the best in raid, best in Mythic+, most fun to play, and the best beginner tank. This tank tier list covers the Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster, Prot Paladin, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Guardian Druid and Prot Warrior. RankTank's amazing free keyword position tool automates keyword rank checking for any domain using Google Sheets or a simple GSuite add-on!Shadowlands Mythic+ DPS, Tank and Healer Log Rankings for Weeks 3 and 4 Sign in ... Tank and Healer Log Rankings for Weeks 3 and 4. By Starym, Monday at 07:59 PM in News. Sco tank ranking. After many many hours on Alpha, I answer your most asked questions Which is the best tank in Shadowlands? - ⬇️ READ MORE ⬇️ Become the BEST TANK! Click Her.. His general tank ranking are probably fine, but the rating is quite arbitrary and leaves out some things that should be relevant.