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Vision.Space is the most advanced enterprise conference room platform. With multiple screen video walls, multiple data streams, multiple touch interaction points, and easy wireless connectivity, Vision.Space is built to maximize meeting productivity, message effectiveness, and shared experience. Immerse yourself › Prerequisites to install Traefik: A VPS running Ubuntu 16.04. A non-root, sudo-enabled user.If you only have a root user, see our SSH tutorial for details on creating new users.; A working Docker installation—for information about how to install Docker, check out our getting started with Docker tutorial; Step 1.Apr 26, 2019 · kubectl create -f traefik-crb.yaml “traefik-ingress” created Step 2: Deploy Traefik to a Cluster. Next, we will deploy Traefik to the Kubernetes ... Install Traefik Kubernetes CRD Ingress Controller. k3s ships with Traefik 1.7 by default so we need to install Traefik 2 separately using the manifests in this repository as the --disable traefik arguments we used mean that Traefik is not installed.. Apply the manifests in order (prefixed by number) to install the secrets, k8s CRDs, service, and deployment for Traefik v2.