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Nov 21, 2017 · What are Ansible facts? Ansible facts are pieces of information regarding the remote systems to which you have connected. It contains information like IP addresses, the OS installed, Ethernet devices, mac address, time/date related data, hardware information etc. These are very useful for scenarios where you need to take conditional operations based on […] TCP header IP header Ethernet Application Data header Ethernet trailer Application TCP IP Ethernet TCP segment IP datagram Ethernet frame 22 20 20 4 bytes 46 to 1500 bytes Figure 9.13. Overview of message packets used at various layers. 9.3.3. Ethernet Physical Layer 10BASE-T 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T. In my Linux VM, I am unable to change scatter-gather / tx-checksumming / TCP-segmentation offload features by ethtool command. I am using virtio nic with vhostuser port backend. It shows me an error: As I've said, the connection is working perfectly but I'm getting really bad slowdowns (and stalls at times) on internet traffic and I know from my MS Windows experience that offloading TX/RX checksums took a Windows 98SE system from 128 K / Sec.(Max) to a full 2.5 Meg / sec with bust rating in 4 Meg+ / Sec.