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Rebates. Help Me Find a Deal. Product Reviews.The Xtreme Defender is based on the popular Xtreme Penetrator product line. The XD ammunition has an optimized nose flute, total weight, and velocity to If a really lightweight, all-copper 9mm bullet was going to take the world by storm, it probably would've been the Geco Action Safety Slug, also known...Glock 26 9mm Underwood Ammo 65gr Xtreme Defender Federal 124gr HST Speer 115gr GDHP Drywall Ballisti. Extreme Defender and G2 Research RIP 9mm Ammo. Paul Harrell 88.357 views1 year ago. 11:55. Ballistic Gel Underwood Xtreme Defender Tests.I've tested the Underwood loadings of Xtreme Penetrators in .40 S&W and 10 mm in 200-pound pig carcasses, and the amount of damage those do is more than The Military Arms Channel did a ballistics gel test with the 9 mm +P and +P+ versions of this round, including through denim and not just one, but TWO layers...